Direct Selling of India – We are a brand publication company attempting to serve the Direct Selling community with our tiniest vibes. We along with our sister concern company “Direct business” has launched an exclusive book “Empowering Direct Sellers” for direct selling industry which will revolutionize the industry in coming years. We strongly intend to maintain the book with vision of leveraging direct selling industry with utmost respect of the companies and leaders who have created the legacies with success and earnings. This will act as the important pillar in the success of direct selling companies and leaders who all are participating in this book. It is an initiative to bring out best leaders to one platform to create a sustainable structure of growth and development.


Our mission is to create a lifetime legacy for each and every individuals who are working in direct selling industry.


Our Mission is to create 10 million success story through our brand publication & become a 100 million dollar company by 2030


Book Publications

Book Publications

We are a publication centre that aims at encouraging individuals and helping their goals shape into a tangible form

E - Magazine

Book Publications

Direct Business Magazine  delivers the business information you need: surprising and timely perspectives on the most important issues of today and unique stories you won’t find anywhere else.

Talk Show

Talk Show

We are on a mission to unlock the true potential of entrepreneurs by organizing a talk show that enables everyone to share their stories Infront of lacs of audience.


Talk Show

Through podcast we Build a personal connection. In today’s world podcast has become a very important tool for development and growth. We analyse and create content for your development and growth.

Our Association

[stm_service_info title=”1- Commandments of direct selling”]We Advise, guide, and support direct selling businesses who want to accelerate growth and prepare strategies for the next phase of development.[/stm_service_info][stm_service_info title=”Brand Consultancy”]We provide end to end services in branding and marketing consultancy, which is the backbone of direct selling for connection and relation building[/stm_service_info]
[stm_service_info title=”DB Summit”]This Event was The Perfect Stage For Direct Selling Companies To Shine & Shimmer Upon Their  Immense Contributions Towards The Growth Of Direct Selling Industry. The Awards was  Bestowed Upon The True Winners Of The Direct Selling Companies, Leaders & Networkers[/stm_service_info][stm_service_info title=”Direct Selling Expo”]This expo could result in a shift in all types of individuals, particularly low-skilled, from the informal sector to formal-sector jobs with greater  benefits .With a little more than two days, the Expo 2023  will generate thousands of jobs in the Indian market, and give a boost to the economy,[/stm_service_info]