What We Do

We are a brand publication company working for betterment of direct selling industry.
We Help You to be Successful in direct selling industry through our Books, Magazines and talk show to Grow in direct selling industry.
We give you exactly what you need to build your brand, grow your reach, and expand your income!

We're a growing Publication Company

We are a publication centre that aims at encouraging individuals and helping their goals shape into a tangible form. Our aim is to provide aspiring direct sellers a space to develop confidence and strategies transforming them into a completely new Avatar. We develop new concepts now and it keeps growing each day with newer ideas coming in.

Our Talk Shows are Unique and Inspirational

We are on a mission to unlock the true potential of entrepreneurs by organizing a talk show that enables everyone to share their stories Infront of lacs of audience.

We have Published Thousands of E - MEGAZINE

Network Express Magazine delivers the business information you need: surprising and timely perspectives on the most important issues of today and unique stories you won’t find anywhere else. With direct business you’ll have the insights you need to take advantage of direct selling industry and thrive in today’s complex era of everchanging scenario .

We produce Top class PODCAST

Through podcast we Build a personal connection. In today’s world podcast has become a very important tool for development and growth. We analyse and create content for your development and growth.